Christopher 2X Game Changers



The Christopher 2X Game Changers help children in the Louisville metropolitan area who need a guiding light and a safe path to a fulfilling life. Way too many of our kids are growing up exposed to violence which impacts them emotionally and prevents them from doing well in school.

Christopher 2X knows their world, and he’s been working in it for nearly two decades as a peace and justice advocate.   He knows that education, starting in early childhood, is the only way to end gun violence long term.  Through Christopher 2X Game Changers, he is building a movement to advance and support education with the involvement of parents and others caring for children so that all children will have a safe environment where they can learn and succeed.

As a voice for the voiceless, he is often called on to help  resolve high-profile difficult situations that involve issues of race and violence.  Taking note of his impact, Spalding University in 2018 awarded 2X an honorary Doctorate of Public Service degree. In 2016, The Center for Women and Families presented 2X with the Joan E. Thomas, M.D. Lifetime Achievement Award for Peacemaking.

After years of collaborating with non-profits, 2X was approached by an admirer, retired Special Agent of the U.S. Treasury Department and tax attorney Charles Adkins who wanted 2X to have an even greater impact. Adkins suggested that 2X should head a new organization which led to the founding in 2018 of what is now the Christopher 2X Game Changers, a 501c3 non-profit with a diverse, six-member Board of Directors. 2X is the Executive Director.

We are creating a movement to engage parents and children in educational opportunities to foster more peaceful lifestyles and enable our children to reach their full potential.

A community where everyone has access to high quality educational opportunities, lives in peace and thrives.