Our Work

We focus on improving the lives of children and the adults responsible for their care in underserved, neglected and excluded communities.  Our areas of concentration are education, especially in early childhood; peace and justice advocacy; and survivor support for victims of violence. Children and youth who participate in Christopher 2X Game Changers programs have been impacted by violence in some form. Education and community service are key focuses of every effort. Participants must maintain a C or above grade average in school.

Balling for a Cause
With inspiration, engagement and support from philanthropist and entertainment mogul Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, 2X started Balling for a Cause in Louisville in February 2017, embracing the phrase, “Let the Kids Grow. Early Childhood Education Movement.”   The program, which includes parental involvement, unites children in public service and recreational activities. Participants are mentored about life choices and engage in recreational activities.

The 16 participants, ages 9-16, meet at least once a month with 2X at Spalding University’s gym and are ambassadors to other Peace Centered Alliance supported programs through outreach and community service.

They have distributed flyers in neighborhoods to promote enrollment in preschool programs and parenting tips, an ongoing initiative. Kentucky Education Commissioner Dr. Wayne Lewis has been engaged, sharing his own journey from an impoverished childhood to a Ph.D. educator.

2X also partners with Steve Clayton, a former Jefferson County Public School educator who launched a rolling educational video game truck business.  The truck is being branded as “Rolling for a Cause, Early Childhood Education Movement.”

Balling for a Cause participants also support child development centers that serve low income communities.  Support includes outreach in communities to increase enrollment in the centers’ programs and providing volunteers, books and other material needs.