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Why Donald Trump gave a presidential pardon to a Breonna Taylor nonviolence activist


We are so proud and excited to be part of Future Healers and the outreach, service and education it provides for kids from underserved neighborhoods who learn from University of Louisville Medical School doctors and students and the UofL Hospital Trauma Institute team. The program, now in a pilot phase with kids from 4-13, kicked off on July 24 at UofL Hospital, with younger children engaging in an anatomy lesson with play dough and older kids in an operating room where they handled surgery tools and learned about the many people and skills required to successfully perform an operation, with the focus always on the patient. Thanks to everyone in the medical field from UofL for giving back to this program and building a more equitable, safe, and thriving community!

Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3318.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3317.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3318.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3317.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3318.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3317.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3318.JPG

Students in the UofL Student National Medical Association (SNMA), UofL Faculty and Christopher 2X Game Changers have partnered together to create the Future Healers Program. This program will help Louisville youth affected by violence in their neighborhoods navigate the trauma of violence and inspire them to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

In February of 2021, the SNMA team conducted a pilot session with approximately 50 preschool and middle school children at the Chestnut Street YMCA. The students conducted 45-minute interactive, virtual sessions that included pre-recorded videos with the faculty members, a mindfulness activity, and hands-on activities for the kids. A “doctor’s bag” with masks, gloves, and modelling clay for creating their own anatomy models was provided to each of the children.

With additional support from the medical students, staff or trainee volunteers, sponsors, School of Medicine faculty and 2X Game Changers, the UofL students will conduct future regularly scheduled sessions with the youth and expand the program to more young people in the community.

UofL Hospital's trauma team partnered with 2X Game Changers and SNMA ULSOM Chapter to present the very first Kelsie Small Future Healer Award. Her legacy will live on through the Future Healers program. “You can’t measure the impact of violence simply by what we lose today, you must account to what we have lost tomorrow and every day there after.

– Keith Miller M.D. Trauma Surgeon

Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3318.JPG
Keslie%20Small%20 %20Future%20Healer%20Award%20-%20IMG_3317.JPG

Voices of survivors, a community outreach program by Christopher 2X Game Changers, aims to create a therapeutic space for coping and provides community among the victims and survivors of gun violence. This is a small but very underserved community. Most cannot speak to their loss and pain and having support and mutual understanding for these individuals is important! The program’s second goal is for those individuals to act as advocates for change in their community by reinforcing the sanctity of human life and coming up with ways to involve the public. This will be a way to honor the lives of their lost loved ones and to keep their legacies alive! Voices of Survivors will work partner with the Future Healers program, which is designed for children to allow them to see different avenues that are open for them to take in life, giving their imaginations the power of expansion!


In partnership with the UofL Medical School doctors and students, Christopher 2X is leading an effort to ensure kids wear face masks so they and everyone they encounter stay safe as possible in what we hope are the final months of the pandemic. Donated face masks for kids will be provided to Jefferson County Public Schools, the Chestnut Street YMCA Child Development Center, and other locations.

If you would like to help please email us below.

2XGameChangers MasksforKids-UofLDoctorsandMedicalStudents

At 18, Diontae “Tay” Reed seems happy, with a playful sense of humor and a lot to be proud of – good grades, a diploma from Ballard High School, a future full of possibilities including college. He’s come a long way from age 13 when he was shot in the back, underwent surgery and spent 11 days in the hospital. … While in the hospital recovering from surgery and a collapsed lung, he was angry but told relatives and friends who visited him that he didn’t want any more violence, no retaliation. … He participated in the Christopher 2X “Hood2Hood” anti-violence campaign, preaching non-violence door-to-door and in neighborhoods and remains active in anti-violence and community service programs. … Now he’s the first person in his family to have graduated from high school” (excerpt from the report Violence-Impact on Children Learning).

This is why we do what we do.

Chris%20with%20Male%20High%20School%20students.jpegSpalding%20Honorary%20doctorate,%202018%20 %2022XGameChangersViolenceImpactonChildrenLearningCongressionalRecordSpalding%20Honorary%20doctorate,%202018Podcasting%20with%20U.S.%20Attorney%20for%20the%20Western%20District%20of%20KY,%20Russell%20ColemanHonorary%20doctorate,%202018With%20UofL%20Hospital%20trauma%20surgerons%20and%20gun%20shot%20survivors

About Christopher 2x

Christopher 2X has been an advocate for peace and justice for two decades. He is often contacted to help resolve high-profile incidents involving race and violence in the community. He knows that early childhood education is a vital key to ending gun violence long term.

In 2018, Christopher 2X was urged by Charles Adkins, tax attorney and retired Special Agent of the U.S. Treasury Department, to expand his impact in Louisville. The result was the formation of Christopher 2X Game Changers, a 501c3 non-profit organization, which leads a movement for social justice through education and non-violence so all children can reach their full potential. The name “Game Changers” was inspired to Chris by his friend for over a decade, Entertainment Mogul Percy Miller aka Master P. Christopher 2X is Executive Director of Game Changers which has a diverse, Board of Directors.

In March of 2020, United States Senator Rand Paul recognized the importance of Christopher 2X’s Violence-Impact on Children Learning report and entered it into the Congressional Record from the United States Senate Floor. This report was authored by Christopher 2X, and Christopher 2X Game Changers, to study the impact violence has had on many families and communities in Louisville.

In December of 2020, Christopher 2X received a Full and Unconditional Pardon from the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Christopher 2X was grateful to receive this pardon and continued to focus on his work for justice, non-violence and education so all children can reach their potential.

Christopher 2X holds an honorary Doctorate of Public Service degree from Spalding University. He was awarded the Joan E. Thomas, M.D. Lifetime Achievement Award for Peacemaking by The Center for Women and Families in 2018 and 2020 Man of the Year Award' from Community Connections Group. Christopher 2X frequently speaks to organizations and students about the devastating results of violence and the importance of education, especially early childhood education.

Join us in this important work.

“Children suffer if they get hit by a bullet, witness a shooting, lose someone close or live on edge because the crack of gunshots is as common as the chirping of a songbird. They often can’t focus or learn in school. Some can’t sleep and have nightmares. Some withdraw, others act out or retaliate and resort to violence themselves. ... Education, starting in early childhood, is the key to ending gun violence and its devastating impact on kids’ learning” ~ Christopher 2X

Balling for a Cause

Focusing on underserved and neglected communities, Christopher 2X Game Changers involves children and young people in educational and community activities to reduce the past impact and potential future draw that gun violence might have on vulnerable youth.

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flyer bfc-w-master-p
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Christopher 2X was inspired and supported by philanthropist and entertainment mogul Master P, aka Percy Miller, to start Balling for a Cause in 2017. With the theme “Let the Kids Grow. Early Childhood Education Movement”, the program involves children in public service, recreational activities, and mentoring about life choices.

Participants, from ages 9-16, meet with Christopher 2X at Spalding University gym and become ambassadors to other Christopher 2X Game Changers programs through outreach and community service. To reinforce the importance of education, participants must maintain a C or above grade average in school. They distribute flyers, such as Reading At Home Strategies, to promote enrollment in preschool programs and encourage parental involvement. The ambassadors have distributed more than 300 backpacks and school supplies to impacted children. Participants also support child development centers that serve low income communities to increase enrollment and provide volunteers, books, and materials. 

Dr. Wayne Lewis, Kentucky’s former Education Commissioner has been engaged to share his own inspiring journey from impoverished childhood to a Ph.D. educator. Christopher 2X also partners with former Jefferson County Public School educator, Steve Clayton, who launched a rolling educational video game truck business called Rolling for a Cause, Early Childhood Education Movement.


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